It is finally here! My book “Fishing the Wasatch” is now in print. It is currently available through Amazon at the following address;

It will be available on Kindle in the next few days.

The Wasatch Mountains are far from undiscovered, on any given weekend; hundreds of hikers and bikers take to the trails to enjoy the outdoors. But these same mountains and the pristine lakes hidden in their peaks are overlooked by most fishermen. Several productive alpine lakes are within a short drive and hike from Salt Lake City.

This book is a culmination of many years of research and personal experience fishing these Wasatch Mountain Lakes. The book provides trail information, fish species, how to techniques, best fishing locations at each lake, and tips and suggestions on how to fish each of the lakes. This book will provide you with the knowledge needed for a successful fishing trip to these beautiful alpine lakes. Fishing the Wasatch is a must read before you hike to these lakes!


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