Moose Fight!

Just this last weekend, I came across five moose on my way down a dirt road in the Currant Creek area of Utah’s Wasatch Mountains.  I am always amazed at the size of Moose.  I saw two bulls, two cows and a calf.  The bulls were not fighting like in this video but it was still a wonderful experience to see these animals up close and personal.

I hope you enjoy this video from, Catskill Outdoors, of two big bull Moose fighting it out for dominance.


Mekong Chargrilled Chicken In Shrimp Paste

I love to cook Southeast Asian recipes and I am particularly fond of Vietnamese food.  This recipe will take your ordinary BBQ chicken recipe to a new taste level!  I love to use this recipe on chicken, pheasant and rabbit. Do not be afraid of the shrimp paste.  It is just fermented dried shrimp.  The aroma of shrimp paste is more pungent then fish sauce but once combined with the other ingredients it adds a depth of flavor, color and fragrance to a dish that has to be experienced to believe.  Shrimp paste is not readily available in most grocery stores so it may be necessary for you to visit a local Asian supermarket to get this ingredient.

For the best flavor, I recommend that you marinate this dish overnight.  This marinade also works well on catfish, bass and other panfish.

Give it a try this summer at your next BBQ.  Your friends will love it so much that they will be begging you to cook it again.



Cast iron is the material to cook with.  Yes, there are fancy and expensive stainless steel and Teflon cookware that you see used in restaurants and on the cooking shows.   While These are good pans to cook with, they do not compare with the sturdiness, and durability of cast iron.   

Cast iron skillets conduct heat beautifully, go from stove top to oven with no problem and last for decades. The best benefit of cast iron is the cost.  You can buy a good cast iron pan for about $20 and it will last you a life time.  I love using cast iron in my wood fired oven because I do not have to worry about the high heat damaging the pan or Teflon coatings.  

If you season your cast iron cookware properly, the cookware will perform as good or better then the most expensive Teflon non stick pans on the market.  The key is proper seasoning of the cast iron before using it for the first time. Many people are afraid to use cast iron because they do not know how to season the pan and they think that it is a long and hard process.  Seasoning cast iron cookware is easy and requires very little effort.  The key to successful seasoning is to wash and dry the cookware, coat it with a thin layer of cooking oil and then baking it in your oven for 1 hour.   At the top of this page, I have included a short instructional video on how to season your new cast iron cookware.

If you do not use cast iron in your kitchen you are missing out.  Cast iron will add flavor to your foods and will be a faithful companion in your kitchen for years.  Many people pass down their cast iron cookware to family members for generations.  The only thing to remember is to never wash cast iron cookware with soapy water once you have seasoned it.  Soap will remove the seasoning that you have worked so hard to maintain.

I use cast iron most of the time in my kitchen and I encourage you to do the same.

Happy cooking!

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Spicy Sichuan Catfish With Garlic

In early summer, as the water in the lakes warms up, it will be time to target Channel Catfish and Bullhead Catfish. Last year, I caught several nice catfish and found a recipe that is very flavorful and fairly easy to prepare. This recipe is an excellent way to prepare catfish. It is spicy, sweet and salty and is not fishy tasting at all. This is a must try recipe for people who like Asian inspired dishes.


It is that time of year, asparagus is poking through the dirt. If you are lucky, the asparagus growing season has begun in your neck of the woods. Get out and forage some for a great early spring meal.

Pasta A La Spring is a delicious way to celebrate the beginning of spring with fresh asparagus and shrimp in a richly flavored cream sauce! Make this recipe soon!

Fish Tacos With A Spicy Avocado Cream Sauce!

What happens to a lot of the fish caught everyday in this country? They are deep fried in a batter that hides the delicious and distinct flavor of each fish species. I for one am pretty tired of the deep fried fish and chips that are the popular form of cooking delicious, white, flaky fish.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times I love deep fried fish as much as the next guy. However, sometimes you want to taste the true flavor of the fish on your dish. This fish taco recipe has some simple seasonings that are designed to accent the delicious flavor of the fish used. Go light on the seasoning and you will be surprised how delicious your Bluegill, Bass, Perch or salt water fish tastes.

The spicy avocado sauce is delicious on this dish and gives it that fresh summer flavor, even if you are eating this dish in the late winter or early spring.

If you are limited to freshwater ponds and lakes, this is a great recipe for your early spring Bluegill, Bass and Perch. If you live by the ocean, you also have the opportunity to take advantage of Halibut, Sole and Flounder this time of year.

Get out and go fishing. When you get home, make sure to use this fish taco recipe on your fresh catch.