About Wild Forage



The goal of this page is to share recipes, gardening techniques, hunting and fishing tips and the stories that are told around a fire enjoying a great wild foraged meal!

Anthony Nelson is an entrepreneur, author, business owner and avid outdoorsmen. He has helped many people realize their dream of business ownership. Together with his wife Jennifer, they founded and are owners of SHS Franchising. SHS Franchising is the parent company of Spectrum Home Services. Spectrum Home Services is a very successful home services business that was start in 2000 by both Anthony and Jenny. It was so successful that they chose to begin franchising the concept in 2004.

Anthony Nelson has written several articles for fish and game magazines and has written several books relating to both business and the outdoors.  He loves to forage for both wild meat and vegetables.   He also grows most of his summer vegetables in his backyard garden and is fond of canning many of these vegetables for his winter larder.   There is not a week hat goes buy that he is not out fishing, hunting or foraging.

Anthony Nelson is a graduate of California State University Long Beach with a degree in Political Science. He Lives in Salt Lake City with his wife Jennifer and his two children Jacob and AnnMarie.

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